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Exceptional London investment properties in Mayfair, Knightsbridge and South Kensington Offering a sophisticated property investment service for discerning clients

The London Luxury Property Service

Kihut Luxury Property Services are an experienced property design and development company operating in Central London. Our brand is synonymous with exceptional quality, bespoke refurbishments and innovative and contemporary new builds, which are delivered to the highest possible standards.  We're particularly skilled in helping and advising overseas investors who would like to enter the London property market, or who wish to add to their existing property portfolio.

By offering a personal, one to one, consultancy and advice service, we work closely with you to provide the most appropriate advice and assistance for your particular situation and needs. We have considerable experience in working with Russian and Chinese investors, and are considered to be specialists in this growing market. Plus we offer the services of competent translators to ensure that all meetings and transactions are conducted in a format which will help you to make informed decisions about your purchase and investment.

We also offer a discreet, flexible and responsive luxury hotel and accommodation rental service which, together with our comprehensive property management service, puts our portfolio of prime rental accommodation at your disposal. Suitable for short or long stays, we'll always have somewhere for you and your guests to rest their heads in London, whether there's just one of you or five hundred. We also have a portfolio of commercial properties which are perfect for business relocation's. 

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Investment in
london heritage

14 May 2014
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  • We're experts in sourcing and acquiring investment properties in Central London which are suitable for development and refurbishment and then use our considerable design expertise to turn them into desirable and innovative homes.

  • Whether we're updating an apartment block or restoring period buildings back to their former glory, we always aim to achieve the perfect balance, which ensure...
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Private and
Commercial rentals

  • We offer a discreet personal service for clients who wish to rent London property.Wheather you need an exclusive address for an overnight stay or would like something more long term, our resourceful and reliable staff will find the perfect London rental property for you.

  • From luxury hotels rooms to superbly equipped apartments and homes and state of the art commercial premises, our por...
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  • Our aim is to maximise a property's potential and value. We work in some of the most prestigious locations in London, including Mayfair, Knightsbridge and South Kensington, to find and create properties which have the potential to appeal to our valued international investors.

  • Our designs are contemporary, modern and always innovative and, as we tailor each project to your specification...
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  • The UK property market, in particular London property, represents an incredible opportunity for both local and overseas investors. Mature, stable and secure, London offers one of the highest returns on property investment in the world, and is the cornerstone of many successful property investors' portfolios.

  • We have considerable expertise in sourcing prime London property and offer exp...
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